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Fizbo’s 8 Easy Ways to Boost Your Cayman Home’s Curb Appeal

What first impression does your home make?

Remember, the exterior of your home is like the cover of a book, it sets the stage for what’s inside, and – crucial when selling – people will overlook it if that initial first impression is poor.

Fizbo’s 8 easy projects to improve curb appeal.

  1. Greenery: Landscaping is the most impactful way to improve curb appeal. Think about adding some fresh greenery and flowers (Paradise Landscaping and Vigoro have some amazing options) be sure to ask for indigenous, native plants varieties, which help to attract Cayman birds, parrots, bees, and butterflies. For a smaller investment, you could add planters and window boxes to frame windows and entryways. Even one pop of color or greenery will significantly boost the exterior appearance
  2. Lawncare: Regularly mow the grass, rake off leaves, and pull weeds. Keep your lawn well-watered to prevent brown spots.
  3. Hide electrical features: Electrical boxes and AC units can detract from an otherwise well-presented property. Options to camouflage the fixture include painting or hiding with well-selected greenery. Check out Just a Hobby for other creative ideas on hiding the unsightly!
  4. Paint the front door: Have your front door stand out instead of blend in. Painting a front door only costs about $80, and is an easy DIY job, even for beginners. Go for bold colors to enhances the other colors of your home’s exterior. Don’t be afraid to go bright, we at Fizbo love red – but it’s up to you. Be bold. You can check out the Front Door Paint app, to virtually test out colors.
  5. Powerwashing: It is so more satisfying to power washing years of dirt off your porch, walkways, and driveway. If you don’t own a power washer, you can rent one from Massive.
  6. Replace door hardware: Replace your existing hardware with something new is a quick and cost-effective upgrade. Contrasting the color with your door paint often looks stylish, for example, black hardware on a white door or brass hardware on a red door.
  7. Lighting: Replace outdated or broken lighting with something fun and fresh. If you need additional light, hang porch string lights or use solar lanterns to light up a pathway.
  8. Pathways: A well-defined path makes your home more inviting. You could build a stone or brick path, or use visual cues like lighting and plants to denote a clear path to your newly painted boldly colored front door!

At Fizbo, we see so many properties and we know what it takes to stand out in a crowded property market. There are many ways to add to the desirability of your home, but we hope that the 8 cost-effective projects above will get you started. If you would like to know more about staging and selling your home with Fizbo, contact us on 926 4666 or email

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