• What is Fizbo?
    Fizbo, is a real estate marketing platform, which assists homeowners with the private sale, or rental, of their property. Our service is aimed at people who wish to sell their own home, without hiring a traditional, commission based realtor.
  • What does "Fizbo" stand for?
    In real estate terms, “Fizbo” is a commonly used acronym for properties that are listed, “For Sale by Owner”, abbrev. “FSBO”, pron. “Fizz-bo”.
  • How does Fizbo work?
    Sales enquiries are generated using multifaceted marketing campaigns – connecting buyers directly to sellers.
  • Can I use a Real Estate Agent in addition to Fizbo?
    Your agreement with Fizbo is an open listing. Our service is payable upfront. You are welcome to list your property with a Realtor, as long as the agent agrees.
  • Is a Solicitor or Conveyance Attorney recommended?
    Yes. We strongly suggest that you hire a local property lawyer, aka Conveyance Attorney, to help with your offer, title search and closing documents. If you are not sure who to call, we are happy to make a recommendation for you.
  • Do I need a Surveyor to value my home?
    A property valuation is really useful to help you gauge your listing price. If you are not sure about recent sales prices, to comparable homes in your area, it can be helpful to seek an evaluation. If you are not sure who to call, we are happy to make a recommendation for you.
  • If I only purchase the Basic package, am I able to upgrade my listing later?
    Yes. Please contact Fizbo to discuss.
  • What can I expect when signing up?
    Once Fizbo receives your completed sign up form and payment, we will call to schedule an appointment for staging and photography. Photos will be beautified and uploaded to all of our listing sites and social media pages. Signs will be ordered and installed, drawing lots buyers eyes to your home. The initial set up process typically takes 5-7 business days.
  • How is payment processed?
    Fees are due in local Cayman Islands dollars. Payment is accepted to our CIBC account. You can also call the office with a Visa or Mastercard.
  • Are there any hidden costs?
    There are no hidden costs. No commission. Nothing else is owed, unless you wish to upgrade your package or purchase additional items.
  • How long are contract lengths with Fizbo?
    Your contract is valid until your property is either sold or withdrawn.
  • How do I change the status of my listing to "under offer” or “sold”?
    If the status of your listing has changed, please notify the Fizbo office at once. All related sites will be updated within 24-hours of notification.
  • What happens when someone makes an enquiry for my property?
    Using your preferred phone number on signs and advertising, buyers will be able to call you directly. Should any buyers contact the Fizbo office regarding your property, we will forward all enquiries directly to you.
  • What do the Fizbo yard signs look like?