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Pricing your home for sale

Property Valuation

A property valuation from an RICS acreddited Valuer  will provide you with an expert, qualified opinion on the Market Value of your home. We strongly recommend getting a valuation any time you buy or sell, as it allows you not only to gauge an ideal price, but also to fully understand what’s happening in the current market and where your property stands.

Ensuring you have a  professional property valuation enables you to list at the right price and to negotiate from an informed view point with buyers on any offers your receive.  This counters agents objections that they WILL get a higher price. With the right information and market data, there is no reason that you shouln’t be able to negotiate your sale your way. 

Asking Price

Coming up with the right price when selling your can be  a balancing act. Of course, you want to sell for as much as possible, but if you list too high you will discourage buyers from even viewing your property. Equally,  you  don’t list at a price that’s lower than your home is worth.

The “right” price  then is one that’s in tune with what similar  – comparable – homes are selling for in your market. A figure you and the buyer can agree accurately reflects the home’s worth.

Be Better Prepared For Negotiations

A Market Valuation from a Valuer will  help you evaluate the market and resist the temptation to overprice your home — or give in to your fears and underprice it. Importantly, buyers who seek financing MUST obtain a property valuation for their loan and so this provides an excellent platform for negotiations. 

We would be happy to recommend a Valuer if you do not have one in mind. 


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